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In an increasingly digital world, relying on a web marketing consulting agency in Milan is essential for the success of online marketing strategies. Our goal is to help companies fully leverage the potential of online marketing to develop an effective online presence, reach the target audience, and generate measurable results. Thanks to our experience and the skills of our team, we offer a range of integrated services: from performance marketing to social media marketing, from web development to email marketing.

Our story

SuperDigitale was founded in 2017 as a Social Media Agency and evolved over the years to become an agency specializing in marketing and digital communication, particularly in performance marketing.


Since 2021, SuperDigitale has become a subsidiary of Twister communications group. This collaboration has increased the agency’s prestige and expertise through numerous opportunities to share clients in the Finance and Healthcare sectors, such as Deutsche Bank, Ganassini, and the Lifenet Group.

Over the years, SuperDigitale has increasingly specialized in managing online advertising for its clients with the goal of achieving tangible results.

The most significant case histories involve SuperDigitale’s participation in major exhibitions by Skira Editore, held in Milan and other cities in Italy, and the Museum of Dreamers: an immersive exhibition dedicated to dreamers, which became famous even on Striscia la Notizia. It first opened in the center of Milan and expanded the experience to Madrid and other European cities.

For several medical centers, we have developed digital campaigns to encourage appointment bookings, while for some foreign brands, we have invested hundreds of thousands of euros in expansion campaigns in the Italian territory, involving dozens of influencers. Over the years, our focus and verticality in achieving concrete and measurable results have become more and more evident.

Customer attention, proactivity, and the continuous search for new opportunities are what make our offer unique. This is how we help our clients expand their market in the digital universe and achieve tangible and measurable results.


We analyze the client’s digital presence and establish an action plan to help them achieve performance marketing goals, setting intervention priorities.


We follow social and web trends to apply best practices.


We are always looking for innovative solutions and strategies to optimize performance, maintaining a competitive advantage and providing excellent service to our clients.


We work with enthusiasm and commit to creating engaging content for the client and the intended audience.


We operate precisely to achieve excellent, innovative, and measurable results.


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